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"Spring 1 Recomposed by Max Richter", Rain, 2022, France. Acrylic on canvas

Prestige work.

"Spring 1 Recomposed by Max Richter" is an abstract work painted by French artist Rain. 


Everything starts from the ocean, on the west coast, where the artist lived. As exemplified in Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee book Strive for Perfection, Rain draws inspiration from sunsets and shades of sky over the moving sea creating an impression of movement with the texture of layers of blue deep overseas.

The musical reference of the painting's title is a tribute to the music of Max Richter (Spring 1), a revival of Vivaldi's Spring, on which Rain painted the work. Emotions are conveyed by the color and not by the subject. The painting is the visual expression of the piece of orchestral music.

This painting is alive. Its colors change as the day progresses, depending on the exposure of the sun's rays on the canvas. In the morning, you can discover orange and yellow on the tops of the painted patterns; at noon, the blue takes on its full depth and plunges the viewer into an infinite ocean. In the evening, the sea fills with shimmering red and pink reflections.

The central rectangle is intended as a point of reference for the gaze, a figure lost in the middle of the immensity.

Technical characteristics : Long-lasting protective varnish. Dimensions of the frameless canvas (116x81x4.5cm). Work signed on the bottom left of the canvas. Preserved in France.

Delivery : Delivery will be made by our private carrier. The work is insured and has a secure follow-up. For any request for additional information, contact us (international service).

Return policy : you have a period of 10 days after delivery to return the work of the gallery in case of problem.

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