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"Sunsets 1-2", Rain, 2021, France. Acrylic on canvas

Prestige work.

"Sunsets 1-2" is an abstract cubic work painted by French artist Rain. The diptych symbolizes the spectrum of color reflection that the sun sweeps along as it sets over the ocean. The plurality of sensations transmitted through our eyes brings out powerful degraded shades here represented by straight and clear lines.


The illusion of color chart is created by squinting your eyes, and imagining that the colored bands of the canvas form a continuity from light to dark, like the movement of the star which plunges into the sea to darkness.


Rain sprayed drops of varnish over the first protective coats to make the canvas sparkle in places as the light passes through it.

Technical characteristics : Long-lasting protective varnish. Dimensions of the frameless canvas ( x2. Work signed on the corners of canvas. Preserved in Bordeaux, France.

Delivery : Delivery will be made by our private carrier. The work is insured and has a secure follow-up. For any request for additional information, contact us (international service).

Return policy : you have a period of 10 days after delivery to return the work of the gallery in case of problem.

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