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"The Polar White City", Rain, 2022, France. Acrylic on canvas

Prestige work.

"The Polar White City" is an abstract cubic work painted by French artist Rain.  

He gives us here a remarkable work of games of textures and reliefs.

The subject is freely inspired by his photographic work on the architecture of Big Apple during his travels in the United States. By observing the composition of the canvas, the spectator can imagine the plan of a city seen from above, cut out, destructured, rearranged in a cubic universe.

The artist used marble powder as a texture agent, which gives the work a particular grain similar to carved stone. The construction material of the buildings becomes an integral part of the work. The colors are deliberately absent to give way to volumes and shapes in complete purity.

Depending on the light exposure during the day, shadows are drawn and vary on the canvas, which sparkles when the sun's rays are reflected on the different layers of varnish.

Technical characteristics : Long-lasting protective varnish. Dimensions of the frameless canvas (116x81x4.5cm). Work signed on the bottom right of the canvas. Preserved in France.

Delivery : Delivery will be made by our private carrier. The work is insured and has a secure follow-up. For any request for additional information, contact us (international service).

Return policy : you have a period of 10 days after delivery to return the work of the gallery in case of problem.

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