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"AT LAST, I AM FREE", Rain, 2019, France. Acrylic on canvas

Prestige work.

"At Last, I Am Free" is an abstract cubic work painted by French artist Rain. Symbol of the liberation of the spirit by the movement, the canvas is crossed by intersecting geometric lines, giving birth to rhythmic forms bursting like a piece of jazz. A dozen shades of ocher, green and mineral colors give it a singular organic appearance.

Drawn by the melody of the arrangement of forms in space, the work is a tribute to the 30s, and fits perfectly into an Art Deco, Vintage or Modern interior. The curves come to appease the aggressiveness of the triangles, the squares structure the framework of the forms and support the whole, traversed by curves which break the alignment and the rigidity of the grounds.

Games of shadows, sizes, shades and harmonies give the painting a warm appearance allowing it to be exposed in a living room.

Technical characteristics : Long-lasting protective varnish. Dimensions of the frameless canvas (61x46x2.5 cm). With frame: (67x52x4 cm). Work signed, dated and titled on the front and back of the canvas by the artist. Preserved in France.

Delivery : Delivery will be made by our private carrier. The work is insured and has a secure follow-up. For any request for additional information, contact us (international service).

Return policy : you have a period of 10 days after delivery to return the work of the gallery in case of problem.

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