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"Équilibres no.1", Rain, 2020, France. Acrylic on canvas.

Prestige work.

"Équilibres no.1" is an abstract cubic work painted by the French artist Rain. It is the result of research on empty volumes and full volumes that occupy space. Each solid shape is defined by its volume lines and the size it occupies in the empty space. When shapes come together, touch each other, they form a common volume - and therefore a weight - which gives the eye the illusion of balance in space.

In the painting, we find associations of shapes of various sizes and perfectly coherent with the space: they constitute a structure in balance that stands by itself. The harmonies of the lines produce an abstract aesthetic result that satisfies the eye, the irregularities of the line linked to the charm of hand painting make it a deeply human and sincere work of reflection.

Technical characteristics: Long-lasting protective varnish. Dimensions of the canvas without frame (61x50x2.5 cm). Work signed, dated and titled on the front and back of the canvas by the artist. Preserved in France.

Delivery: Delivery will be made by our private carrier. The work is insured and benefits from secure monitoring. For any request for additional information, contact us (international service).

Return policy : you have a period of 10 days after delivery to return the work of the gallery in case of problem.

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